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          Yarn tails processor series

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          Circular loom yarn tails jukebox

          Circular loom yarn tails jukebox

          Uses and Features
                 HY-300 -type circular loom yarn tails automatic processor , is to replace the previously cut with a razor blade or artificial heating wire hot to handle on the upcoming round loom weaving spindles finished , but I stay in the bobbin spindles end of line , it can automatically and quickly cut separation on spindles tail wire bobbin of the machine structure is reasonable , in the circular loom yarn spindles on the end of line singulation process, without causing damage to the yarn . simple, as long as the upcoming round loom knit yarn bloom into the feed inlet , will be able to contribute to the end of the bobbin and automatic cutting line separation , but also strictly pole found pick can also be used for circular loom spindles , eliminate human waste.
                 The use of the machine , not only saves time and effort , a number of circular loom production line can be completed only need one more than the previous work , slow resolution of the current labor shortage , labor shortage. , But also avoids the artificial use blade cutting or heating wire hot, careless cuts, burns the hand of the incident .
          The machine has a number of patented technologies. Patent Number : 201210287964.X Patent No.: 201220401110.5 Patent number : 201230382595.3

          The main technical parameters:

          Model HY-300
          Bobbin size Inside Φ31-38mm
          Cut yarn tails maximum thickness ≤3mm
          Cutting processing speed 20-30PC/min
          Cutting processing speed 20-30PC/min
          Host power 0.75KW
          Total electricity consumption 4.5KW
          Weight 260kg
          Dimensions 2100mm×550mm×1600mm

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