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          Bag-making Machine

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          Multifunctional Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

          Multifunctional Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

          Uses and Features
                  Side sealing bag making machine for the production of garment bags, socks, bags, towels, bags, jewelry bags, underwear bag, stationery bag, electric components bag, bamboo wood products bags.

          1. Break with elevated conveyor belt imported.
          2. Photoelectric control feeding, Germany chromatic photoelectric eye
          3. With PLC programming device, 5.7-inch touch-frequency computer-controlled man-machine interface.
          4. Servo motor to pull material, used in Japan Yaskawa servo motor.
          5. Main motor, feed motor before and after rewinding motor adopts frequency control.
          6. Machine bearing all of Japan NSK, high and low voltage electrical appliances using Siemens, Schneider Electric Switch
          7. Using conveyor bearing arrangement, so that the bag eagerly reach minimum length of 40mm. RQL-400 A models eagerly reach minimum length of 20-25mm
          8. Knurled with ultrasonic devices.

          The main technical parameters:

          Model RQL-A/B600 RQL-A/B700 RQL-A/B800
          Eagerly length 40-999mm 40-999mm 40-999mm
          Eagerly width 580mm 680mm 780mm
          Speed ??bag 40-240pc/min 40-240pc/min 40-240pc/min
          Total power 3KW 5KW 7KW
          Total machinery 700KG 800KG 900KG
          Dimensions 3700X1200X1700mm 3700X1400X1700mm 3700X1600X1700mm

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