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          Bag-making Machine

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          Non-woven bag making machine

          Non-woven bag making machine

          Uses and Features
          1,LCD computerinterface,regardless ofcorrection, fine-tuningcan beeasily resolved,
                Alarmandoperational statusimmediatelydisplayed on the screenfor easycontrol.
          2, steppermotor feeding, high speedproduction,bag lengthprecise size.
          3, the hostmotorinverter control, simple operation,reducing powerconsumption.
          4, dischargepart adoptsautomatic edgedevice(EPC),feedingsmoothly.
          5, the use ofimported highconveyor belt,low elongation andlong service life.
          6, the mechanicalrigidity ofthe overall structure,high speedoperationand high stability.
          7, the operationis simple,beautiful andneat incisionclosuresolid,surface of the bagdoes notdrag marks.
          The main technicalparameters:

          Model RQ800
          Power supply 220v
          Total power 6.5kw
          Average Power 3.2kw
          Bag width 80-770mm
          Bag length 60-999mm
          Speed ??bag 30-180p/min
          Weight 950-1100kg
          Machine length 3100mm
          Machine width 1190mm
          Machine height 1900mm


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