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          Bag making machine sealing crisp and brittle how to do?

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Bag making machine sealing crisp and brittle fracture of the causes and responses:


          (1) heat sealing temperature is too high;

          (2) excessive pressure;

          (3) sealing time is too long;

          (4) the upper part of sealing the edge of the too sharp or damage to the Teflon-coated;

          (5) sealing the bottom of the silicone rubber excellent;

          (6) in the composite and the curing process, the part of the film adhesive into the internal. Substrate effects due to the infiltration of adhesive toughness (impact resistance) decreased, increased brittleness;

          (7) cooling and placed in plastic, the heat seal strength has increased, but also a tendency to become brittle.


          (1) according to the material within the seal coat sealing properties, select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time;

          (2) to improve the state of the upper surface of sealing knife, smooth the surface of the seal;

          (3) coated with Teflon fabric intact;

          (4) select the appropriate hardness of the silicone rubber pad