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          China's packaging industry status and development trend

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Per capita paper consumption has become an international measure of a country's economic development on the crystal and an important symbol of social civilization.

          2009 carton industry in China (including paper products) in development there are some bright spots. Carton industry in their own strength, central and western regions and backward areas to invest and build factories, to boost the development of the industry. Carton industry developed regions of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, both intensive and tile lines are excess state sales, sales value and cartons of tile line equipment industry accounted for nearly 60%. The current focus of development should be central and western regions and packaging backward regions, and some only a few provinces and municipalities behind the tile line, there developed areas to the development of backward areas, tile lines to help the situation, such as Zhejiang Jingxing, Fujian, Chongqing in the west Hop Hing , Chengdu, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia; Guangdong Ya were all in Wuhan, Beijing; Changzhou Ji Chun, respectively, in Tianjin, the new carton business. Hop Hing Packaging Fujian in particular around the country to establish a new factory carton 14, who is characterized by large scale, investment, advanced equipment, a complete set of management system, and has become the leading corrugated packaging companies, led to the development of carton industry . In order to improve market competitiveness, the current packaging business through the extension of industrial chain expanding business scale. Zhejiang Shengda Group, based on the development of paper packaging, out of the industry, out of the area to the development of a cross-industry based economy. After several years of efforts, the development of tissue paper, paper, textiles, chemicals, steel, real estate, logistics and other key industries, 13 subsidiaries in 2008, output value of the whole group has more than 5.4 billion. Zhejiang on the Peak Group the paper packaging industry, while the development of cement-based products, real estate and other industries, output value of the Group in 2008 nearly 20 billion yuan, profit 1.6 billion yuan. Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Group paper based industry, the development of paper packaging advantage of paper-making industry, the formation of Paper - Cardboard - cardboard industry chain, to obtain a significant overall economic strength. Shenzhen, China Power, Taiwan Cheng Loong, Japan and other foreign joint venture enterprises are also offering a number of provinces and cities carton printing enterprises; some large group of users to the development of downstream packaging and printing products, efforts to cartons, boxes and color combination the formation of cardboard - cardboard - Printing industry chain, such as Haier, Tianjin Dynasty, Shanghai Tobacco, non Xi Keda, bump packaging. Paper products innovation. Corrugated cardboard from a single product to the product of innovative products based on an extension, improve the added value of corrugated products. In recent years, some basic good corrugated box business, from design and process innovation to proceed, the production of corrugated products success innovative products. Jielong color such as Shanghai, Zhejiang Shengda, on the peak, E, Hop Hing, Beijing carton factory large number of enterprises as the material carefully orchestrated to corrugated innovative products, attractive supermarket shelves, display racks, furniture, office supplies, paper toys, paper-based platform, cushions, paper boxes, etc SLIDE. Zhejiang longitude of reform and innovation, material cost reduction and West Germany for the user carton packaging electrical improvements, lower raw paper weight, change the tile base paper increased utilization, reduce the process to improve efficiency, reduce freight cartons per year cost savings for users 1.90 million. In recent years, research and development of packaging paper packing paper, corrugated board machine of high quality lightweight technology, food packaging technology with the functionality of special cardboard, paper bag production technology, low oxygen and high-polluting hydrogen peroxide bleaching of pulp technology to chlorine-free bleached pulp as the main raw material development and application of technology, corrugated cardboard honeycomb sandwich plate and buffer application technology, pulp and plastic film technology has achieved gratifying results. Pat domestic carton machinery production base in the formation of six major (Hubei Jingshan, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, East Light, Shandong, Central Plains). According to the U.S. Commission on PMMI Packaging Machinery Manufacturers statistical report, consumption of packaging machinery in China last year to 60 billion U.S. dollars, second only to Germany, the United States, consumption of packaging machinery, ranked third largest country, show that the packaging equipment manufacturers have a good domestic market demand in the global machinery market prominently. According to statistics, China imported corrugated board production line tile line accounted for 8%, Taiwan 15%, 77% of domestic wire, of which domestic market share, Hubei Jingshan 27%, ranked first; East accounted for 24% of light , ranked second. Hubei Jingshan the single machine 37% market share.
          Note: This information is taken from [China Packaging Network]