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          Packaging Machinery - Packaging Industry Development of the "potential shares "

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Industrial output in all industries direct impact on our packaging machinery of the "rise and fall of" reform and opening up, along with the constant adjustment of national policies and the increasing emphasis on packaging machinery in Chin...

          mushroomed all over the private room in the industry, the rapid expansion of the production value of related industries are also constantly breaking history, and packaging machinery in China under the influence of this positive trend has taken a more solid pace.

          packaging machinery products include the industry involved in all aspects of people's basic needs, the most widely used in food packaging (such as: milk, juice, etc., as well as Solid, powder), pharmaceutical packaging (such as: oral, Capsule type, tablet type), metal packaging and many other major categories. The star machinery of which are: packing machine, sealing machine, filling machines and other products, many of the series.

          for food packaging for fresh seasonal change is the consideration of packaging machinery range. Especially in the winter, fresh vegetables and fruit is relatively scarce, so fresh mechanical packaging for such products has facilitated: for example, vacuum packaging machines, shrink packaging machine and other products in the food packaging industry applications are more mature .

          development of China's packaging machinery industry needs a stable basis for the consumption of the overall value of 15% annual growth rate, and packaging machinery, the share of GDP gradually stabilized. Related industries still has great potential, this conclusion is the development of packaging machinery in China a "psychological boost ", but also further strengthened the development direction of China's packaging machinery.