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          China's packaging machinery industry, the future will play an important role in the

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Although the packaging machinery industry is now an unprecedented number of manufacturers, but still can not meet global demand, the demand for packaging machinery in the world every year is growing very rapidly.

          we all know, the U.S. \ Germany is the world's largest packaging equipment maker's countries, regardless of packaging machinery in Germany in the measurement of \ manufacturing or technical performance are world class equipment. but according to survey data show that these Packaging equipment with world-class production speed in countries and regions not as good as developing countries grow faster. This is perhaps the packaging machinery demand in such a large market, the point of packaging machinery slight advantage.

          in the absence of packaging technology and personnel conditions, our packaging machinery can achieve such great success, for it to be. the future of packaging industry should aim to produce small \ multi-purpose equipment, and in the production process Innovation, gradually changing the packaging machinery in China country dependent on foreign equipment, the status of realization of China's independent innovation of packaging equipment to enhance the future competitiveness of the international market. I believe the near future, China will in the world packaging machinery packaging industry occupies an important Status.