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          Packaging machinery in China the great advantages of international development

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          In recent years, the domestic packaging machinery industry has a new breakthrough in the development of fast, is also a great achievement.

          present, China's packaging machinery industry has begun using computer controlled, laser technology, artificial intelligence and some other high-tech, but these technologies have matured it developed for packaging machinery.

          With the development of national economy, increase income levels, China's beverage industry has been to develop and beverage production and consumption continued to grow. Beverage packaging market in the beverage market is growing rapidly, driven forward, to the packaging machinery industry brings opportunities, but also bring about competition and challenges. Competition and challenge will allow more rapid development of packaging machinery, product quality is getting better. Packaging machinery industry, we should increase productivity, reduce costs, maximize customer satisfaction, production requirements.

          the development of the domestic packaging machinery has also been the strong support and assistance, the establishment of a number of tertiary institutions including packaging engineering for packaging machinery industry in China will soon catch up with the world advanced level of technology to provide a strong guarantee.