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          The future of packaging machinery quality + brand road towards

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Food packaging machinery industry in China is born in a market economy, is essentially a combination of free enterprise together. Food packaging machinery and other machinery industry comparison.

          in the following areas: business background because of the different (state-owned, collective, private), capital, equipment, and technology are significant differences between high and low starting point there. The general trend is less the high starting point, most companies are hovering at a low level device. More than one area of production, repetitive large, intense price competition, profits weak.

          With the rapid development of our industry, especially since the reform and opening up our country, the machinery industry on the faster pace of development. Many of the original is not in this industry has to this industry, at first, when the industry profits are quite substantial, which many manufacturers have turned to this industry have a reason. Manufacturers are now very many large and small, profit pitiful, so in the case of such a competition on how to make your business go on, as every company to consider the topic. Now we can see the power of advertising everywhere. TV, newspapers, Internet. Even we usually take the bus often also playing the ad. The effect of advertising is relatively good, Take now many brands of cosmetics is a large bar, and even teenage children know what to buy to buy cosmetics brand. This is the brand. Now matter how good things are also needed to advertise, times are different, your thinking must change. Only keep up with the idea of ??the times, your company can develop long-term. Social development is now so fast, if you have been stuck in place, you eventually have to be eliminated.

          now our country's packaging machinery not only to development in the country, our country has been more advanced products, so we should gradually expand the foreign market. This slow growth of their company. Now people pay attention to things no matter what brand you buy, so now the packaging machinery industry should take the brand strategy, adhere to the "quality first"business first and foremost have the basis for a brand name, coupled with constantly in the competition is different and, high Application and exploration of cutting-edge technology, well-known enterprises, famous products will be gradually filtered out.