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          The development of domestic packaging machinery technology is the first productivity

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          According to industry development plan is expected this year, China's food machinery and packaging machinery is expected to reach 140 billion yuan industrial output value.

          food machinery and packaging machinery should be adapted to the food industry \ agricultural products processing industry \ packaging industry and other related industries needs. China's packaging machinery technology lagged behind, this is a well-known within the industry, and urgent problem. In addition, China's packaging machinery enterprises should enhance their capacity for independent innovation and competitiveness and expand business scale and achieve sustainability of the industry.

          science and technology is the development of the revitalization of China's packaging machinery industry, the first productive forces, to enhance scientific research and product innovation. high-quality science and technology workers is the development of China's packaging machinery industry key. China's packaging industry, the strategic foundation of sustainable development Is to develop high-quality packaging machinery professionals. great efforts to improve and perfect our existing manufacturing equipment, packaging machinery company, resolutely eliminate cruel low energy consumption and low efficiency of the equipment, the use of modern manufacturing technology, improve product manufacturing and assembly Quality, shorten production cycle. develop core competencies and intellectual property rights of packaging machinery, and improving the technological level of products, bigger \ stronger enterprises, to enhance the business viability and competitiveness.