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          Domestic packaging machinery industry development

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Domestic packaging machinery industry development. Before the liberation, China's packaging machinery industry is basically blank. Vast majority of products do not have packaging, few products are hand-packed, so far from packaged mechanization.

          into the 80's, due to the rapid development of the national economy, foreign trade expanded significantly improved people's living standards, packaging requirements for products more and more urgent requirements of packaging mechanization and automation, which greatly contributed to the Packaging Machinery Industry development, packaging machinery industry occupies a position in the national economy more and more important. To promote faster development of packaging machinery industry, China has established a number of regulatory agencies and industry organizations. December 1980 established the China Packaging Technology Association, April 1981 established the China Packaging Technology Association, Packaging Machinery Committee, later also set up a China National Packaging Corporation.

          90 years since the packaging machinery industry with 20% average annual growth rate of a 30% pace of development than the entire packaging industry average growth rate of 15% a 17%, compared with the traditional values ??of machinery industry average growth of 4.7 percentage points higher. Packaging machinery industry has become indispensable to our national economy is very important in the emerging industry.

          Currently engaged in the production of packaging machinery are about more than 1,500 enterprises, including enterprises with certain scale nearly 400. Products are 40 categories, over 2700 kinds, including a number of both to meet domestic market needs, but also in the international market competition, quality products. At present, China packaging machinery industry has a strong backbone of the business development capabilities, which are mainly composed by the following aspects: After transformation, the production of packaging machinery, some of the stronger machinery factories; conversion enterprises' development high level of township enterprises. To improve the technological level of packaging machinery industry, the country established - Batch Packaging Machinery Research Institute 'Information Institute, has established a number of colleges and universities packaging engineering for the development of China's packaging machinery industry, catch up with the world advanced level to provide early strong technical assurance.

          Although the development of China's packaging machinery industry, fast, but compared with developed countries in terms of product variety, technical level and product quality has a big gap. Developed countries have computer controlled, laser technology, artificial intelligence, fiber optics, image sensing, industrial robots and other hi-tech sophisticated machinery used in packaging, and these high-tech packaging machinery industry in China are just beginning; of packaging variety of mechanical products for a gap of about 30% 40%; packaging machinery product performance, visual quality have a certain gap. Therefore, we must take strong measures to further accelerate the pace of development of packaging machinery industry, for the early struggle to catch up with the world advanced level.