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          Green took to the road to the packaging industry

          Published:2011-04-14 Hits:

          Statistics show that in recent years, total output value of China packaging industry uniform rate of 20% annual increase.

          However, such rapid industrial development are associated with such a worry: China's annual total of more than 60 million tons of waste, including waste paper about two million tons of municipal solid gives up in, the packaging accounted for 30 %. Produced every year in Beijing alone, nearly 300 million tons of waste in the packaging of various commodities to 83 million tons.

          Obviously, this reality is surging with the current "green packaging" contrary to world trends. The so-called "green packaging" refers to the eco-friendly environment and human health, can be replicated and regeneration, consistent with sustainable development of the packaging. The idea of ??environmental protection and resource thrifty with two connotations. "Green packaging" The first principle is advocated by the "reduction" and therefore "excessive packaging" became its "major enemy." Moon cake, dumplings, tea and other Chinese cultural characteristics of these products have traditionally had a brief, but in recent years too many trade interests Ruran color, they are "is luxury" of. Gradually, the luxury line of products not only took back the waste of resources, damage to the environment of the infamy, but also because of their unhealthy and contribute to social ethics is widely blamed. Of course, further than the reduction, "green packaging" There are easily reused or recycled easily, give up material can degrade fall, all the life cycle of packaging products, the whole process should not cause pollution of human and environmental principles of the request.

          must admit that our government has been thought highly of the title of green packaging, green packaging industry support, but due to lack of specific policies to promote, resulting in the current market dynamics of green packaging enterprises was inadequate, the lower the comprehensive utilization of green packaging products, regional development imbalance. In response, China's green packaging to achieve a breakthrough, the first thing to do is to improve the packaging coherent laws and regulations as soon as possible to ensure that the legal system and promote the green. We should let the various types of packaging container production, application and recovery process has scale norms, but also strengthen the supervision according to law to prohibit the application of packaging products, be harmful to the environment or cost of packaging materials. While China has introduced some provisions on packaging products, such as from 1 April this year, the beginning of the implementation of the "request for restricting excessive packaging of food and cosmetics" national scale, but the lack of supporting laws and regulations are more detailed, can control of is not strong, the reality consequences will be discounted. It appears that the light of the advanced countries of the useful experience of packaging legislation, the Joint China's actual conditions, specific legislation is imperative for the package.

          same time, the packaging industry is a cross-section, cross-regional trade, Green Road also need to give up things that contain a social system, including recovery support. Therefore, laws and regulations should be based, by the packaging industry, such as national environmental protection part of the mutual harmony, packaging producers, commodity producers, vendors and regulate the actions of spending, while the classification of packaging gives up the recycling, packaging gives up the processing of the treatment. Only in the "green" on a higher seek, in the perfect package, while the legal system, actively promote clean production, the implementation of packaging reduction, continued development of green packaging materials, and the establishment of professional organizations to display their role in the way of green packaging talent go wider, go longer.