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          Other plastics machinery

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          HY-DFJ500/700 machine for gloves of disposable

          HY-DFJ500/700 machine for gloves of disposable

          The disposable glove machine is successfully re-searches and developed by our factory through acc-ion of high and low pressure bag-making machines. Replacing the orginal electric heating wire mode ho-memade equipment ,it has advantages such as stable product quality, automatic control ,easy to operate and maintenance . It is the ideal equipment for batch pro-duction of PE,EVA and CPE film gloves .The main power of  the machine adopts 1.5KW 220V Panasonic frequency converter and inverter motor with stable performance and low noise .The control part adopts single chip microcomputer control ,and adops three - phaes mixing tupe stepping motor and actuator ,which have such advantages as low maintenance rate and low noise.

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