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          Thank you for browsing Ruian Hong Yu Packing Machinery Factory. We are a family of professional equipment, plastic packaging bag manufacturer, plastic packaging bag equipment dedicated to the development and production. Our spirit of "quality first, technology leader in "business philosophy, their quality, excellence, providing customers with advanced and suitable equipment. In the company of "the pursuit of quality, never-ending"corporate policy, the "increasing rate of qualified products, improve customer satisfaction, " as the driving force in innovation and development. Has always been "quality first, customer first"principle, "innovation, objectivity, integrity, development"as enterprise spirit of "good faith"business philosophy, customer service, won the majority of customers Support.

          "Hongyu Packaging " people with honesty, dedication, responsibility, perfection, beyond the core values. Sincerely hope that you join together to create brilliant! Welcome to come visit us!

          Address: Pandai Street, Ruian City, Industrial Zone, Lin Ao
          Tel :86-0577-65092861
          Fax :86-0577-65095561
          Phone: 13306777278 13306777298 13967773587
          E-mail: hongyu0577@126.com