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          2011-04-14Competition, packaging machinery industr...

          This age is full of competition to rest survival of the fittest rules will be eliminated, so no matter from which side of the packaging machinery companies are struggling to move forward, never compromise, compete, actively fighting.

          2011-04-14Packaging machinery industry structure t...

          At present, due to the development of world economic integration, borders, nationalities in our thinking has gradually blurred, talents, capital, information and technology in the international mobility is growing.

          2011-04-14Packaging machinery development process ...

          According to market research, computer technology is now widely used in machinery industry, in the era of rapid economic development.

          2011-04-14Green took to the road to the packaging ...

          Statistics show that in recent years, total output value of China packaging industry uniform rate of 20% annual increase.

          2011-04-14Five leading China packaging machine

          In recent years, China's food packaging industry is developing very rapidly, far more than other manufacturers.

          2011-04-14Domestic packaging machinery industry de...

          Domestic packaging machinery industry development. Before the liberation, China's packaging machinery industry is basically blank. Vast majority of products do not have packaging, few products are hand-packed, so far from packaged mechanization.

          2011-04-14The development of domestic packaging ma...

          According to industry development plan is expected this year, China's food machinery and packaging machinery is expected to reach 140 billion yuan industrial output value.


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